Embarking on a house search is not easy and complications always arise, especially in a place where we are not familiar or not residing in. The distance, the lack of knowledge of the local culture or language, dealing with the different agencies, the logistics, the paperwork…

A myriad of steps that are undoubtedly necessary but that sometimes end up clouding what was started out as a project full of excitement.

Our idea is to help you find your house in the Empordà and accompany you throughout the whole process to save you time and worries. So that you can fully enjoy the experience, leaving the rest in our hands.

Let’s explain more about the three stages of this adventure:

We like to start the relationship with a personal meeting which we prefer to do in person but can also be arranged via video call. The objective is to get to know each other a little better, to explain how we work, to clarify doubts, to find out about your situation, desires and needs.

Sometimes we also need to establish the groundwork to have clear insight. With expertise in the local area and in the property sector, you will be provided with all the information you need to ensure a successful search.

We offer a bespoke service by actively searching for your home among all the properties for sale in the market with your preferences and profile in mind.
Our autonomy allows us to collaborate with all the agencies, establish agreements with owners or promoters and have our own network of local contacts.

We arrange property visits based on a jointly approved pre-selection, keeping your time and planning in mind.

Our decision to live a more relaxed lifestyle gives us the opportunity to dedicate the necessary time to each case, adapting to your pace and enjoying together the moments that occur in the most exciting part of the process.

This phase includes the negotiation, the agreements, the signing of the exchange deposit and the subsequent purchase-sale contract.
We advise and mediate, being at your side in every step of the process.

The objective is to facilitate the necessary procedures so that your purchase is carried out in a calm, agile and safe way.