Trained in Marketing, Interior Design and Personal Development.
I have mainly worked for multinational companies in the sports industry, such as The North Face, Salomon and Buff, specializing in Product Management.
To give voice to other personal facets, I also get in touch with the Interior Design and Personal Development, working as a freelance.

In 2016, I questioned my lifestyle and decided to change it. I choose to go for a healthier and more satisfying way of life. I moved to a natural environment and embarked on a journey of training and self-development.

This new stage has been culminated by co-founding Welcome Empordà, with the hope that this project will generate a growing community of adventurers willing to improve their well-being, (re)discover the Empordà and explore other ways of life.

I nourish myself from nature, silence and good relationships.

Empordanese and Mallorcan family lines.

In love with the sea, wooden boats and life (re) connected to nature.

Economist, holder of an MBA, postgraduate in International Humanitarian Aid, Wooden Boat Constructor, API, Financial Controller and Commercial Director.
It makes me happy meeting you, chatting, enjoying and sharing my enthusiasm for this part of the world. Researching, offering information, finding the house and sharing your joy, feeling that I have made some new friends.

I thrive by taking my clients out to “calear”*, you are invited!

(“Calear” – coastal boating in a traditional Catalan “Llaut”, with their shallow draughts and their ability to get into small coves and around rocks, they were the traditional means to go fishing, today more of a recreational activity. Many wonderful days have been spent on board, anchored, swimming and spending the afternoon away under the canvas sun shade, cold glass of white wine in hand…)